A different perspective of eating disorders treatment.

provides therapeutic and solution-focused care to adolescents and adults with eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder.

ASBL Empathie is a multidisciplinary centre for the treatment of eating disorders.

The treatment is concrete, step-by-step, solution-oriented and does not just focus on weight. The focus is on regaining inner strength and rediscovering joy in life. This holistic approach guides the patient towards becoming aware of his/her thoughts, emotions and behaviour, which will give him/her the insight and energy to overcome the illness..

Our approach


Learning the language of the eating disorder.

The therapist helps the patient and his/her environment to know, recognise and cope with the thought patterns of the eating disorder. Understanding and "decoding" the language of the eating disorder by the patient and his/her loved ones facilitates the healing process.


Systemic, involving the environment

The persons who are part of the patient's environment ( family, parents, siblings, school, friends... ) are very closely involved in the treatment. They are also coached intensively so they can better understand and actively support the patient.

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The physician-therapists work closely with people from other disciplines, such as gastroenterologists, nutritionists, paediatricians, drama therapists, mindfulness coaches, et al. Moreover, there is an ongoing contact with the referring authorities, the already treating physician or/and the medical staff in case of hospitalisation.

Our treatment

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Individual consultations

Individual consultations with the therapist form the core of the treatment. The therapist assumes the role of coach who helps the patient progress step by step.

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Parent or partner counselling

A better understanding of the thought patterns that drive behaviour, helps parents/partners in the daily care of their child/partner. Learning and recognising the language and mindset of the disease is extremely important, so that the home environment can also be experienced as safe for the patient. This can also be done using webinars (see parenting courses).

Our philosophy


Empathie aims to restore the quality of life of people with eating disorders in a humane and effective way. It wants to do this through patients and their environments:

  • giving hope and being able to enjoy life again
  • understanding the eating disorder and creating a solution-oriented action plan with them
  • providing medical care, therapy and counselling to heal quickly
  • raise awareness of the importance of language in communication between the patient and his/her environment


Empathie aims to address eating disorders effectively in order to increase the chances of better quality of life and recovery.


At ASBL Empathie, you will find yourself in a warm environment.

You feel the experience in working with young people and with an eating disorder. The doctors have knowledge and understand the art of involved confrontation. For the ‘patient/client’, it is hard work. Self-reflection, underlying patterns of fear of failure and perfectionism are also exposed and addressed, and it pays off. First change in the mind, […]

Finally no more ‘alone’ talking to my murderous inner critic

After decades of searching, doubting, fighting, struggling, giving up, despairing, causing grief, suffering, Empathie came my way… what a discovery!!! Finally no more ‘alone’ talking to my murderous inner critic, but another ‘wise’ external voice , namely that of Empathie made its appearance…. Initially not very welcome, after all, we had been talking for years, […]

Our team


Dr. Patty Annicq

Dr Patty Annicq is a medical doctor and Solution-Focused Systems Therapist. She also attended several continuing education courses in Nutrition. In 2004, she founded ASBL Empathie and has been coaching patients and their parents/partners with an eating disorder on an outpatient basis ever since.


Rika Van Doorselaer

“As an artist, I believe in the extra dimension that creative activity gives to our lives and our 'being'. Focusing on that little something else, working with colours and various materials, making music, acting, writing: letting something emerge from yourself, surprising yourself. In the creative coaching I give, we work together on plastic artistic projects.”

Nieuw Eetverbond

We work closely with the dieticians of the Nieuw Eetverbond.


The patient's parents, partner and environment are closely involved in therapy. Parents and partners can also receive individual counselling. Parents and other supporters are then given additional information and tips for understanding the eating disorder.


Purchase of the book ‘Skills-based Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder’ by Janet Treasure is highly recommended.



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